Zoltan Kaufmann

Enterprising Turron Diplomat


Zoltan is a cheery turron who appears to be in the autumn of his youth, he has a keen inquisitive eye and often a sly grin on his face when he thinks of a method to generate some profit. His beard is full but not long and his dark brown hair is mostly kept tied back in a short knot. He favours simple yet smart clothes for travelling and keeps several finer outfits for when dealing with potential customers, he wears several items of jewellery crafted from various precious and non-precious metals many items of which have sentimental value.


Zoltan Kauffman was born as the second son of a fairly average Turron mining family from Gredi, his father quickly realised that his son was more capable of handling business than ore and sent him to be an apprentice under his Uncle.

After several years of travelling the country, Zoltan’s uncle died and being without a child left most of his meager possessions to Zoltan who continued working the family business as a representative for the consortium of families that owned one of the main jerium mines in the Fegedahn Mountains.

His travels to broker the best deals possible took him across much of southern Yokurgin and occasionally up to the capital, along the way Zoltan traded in more mundane goods such as spices, fabrics and occasionally arms and equipment.

While travelling Zoltan prefers to surround himself with as many people as he can, hired or otherwise, sometimes for protection but more often than not for the company.

In the past few years since war has broken out Zoltan has had mixed success with his trading enterprises, trade is a lot more difficult and dangerous and as the demand for Jerium has increased much of his families supplies have been seized by the crown to aid in the war. The price of goods have increased however due to the difficulty of trading from region to region and Zoltan has endeavored to make as much profit as he can while he travels.

Zoltan Kaufmann

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