Ryall Eslyn

Member of the Yokurgin Cartographer's Guild


Riall Eslin is a member of Yokurgin’s Cartographer’s Guild, originally from Todhrokh but now based in Marsheusis. He is short and lean with messy brown hair and brown eyes.

Eslin is fascinated by the geography and geology of Yokurgin, and will talk about it at length to anyone who will listen. He is bold and friendly, with a mischievous streak.


Eslin was born in Todhrokh, and spent his youth exploring the countryside and jungle around the village of Proisiath. At the age of twenty he stowed away on a ship to Yokurgin, longing to explore the country.

After visiting many unexplored locations and offering maps up to the Cartographer’s Guild, he was offered a position as an appointed cartographer. Eslin eagerly accepted, and has since mapped many locations in Yokurgin.

Eslin is one of the few people who has explored many of the catacombs below Marsheusis.

Ryall Eslyn

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