Rhylla Thorne

Wife of Faron and mother of Partario


Rhylla Thorne is the co-owner of The Green Man in Fedelha, a business venture she embarked upon with her husband Faron. She is a tall, skinny woman with short hair going to grey.

Rhylla is soft-spoken and kind, and absolutely dedicated to her husband and her son Partario.


Rhylla was born in the Gredi village of Fedelha, and spent her childhood helping her parents in their orchard. When she was nineteen, she met Faron Thorne, whom she fell deeply in love with.

Seven years later, the pair married, and took over The Green Man pub when its former landlord passed away.

Some time later, Rhylla gave birth to a son, Partario, whom it soon became apparent had mental difficulties. Rhylla and Faron did everything in their power to help, until Faron sent Rhylla and Partario to Marsheusis in the hopes of finding special help for the lad.

Rhylla Thorne

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