Lilith Lostre

Stoic Darkling assassin.


Up until she was discovered and employed by the Shazhekt Guild, Lilith rarely ventured outside of her home; a small encampment in the Ashforth Hills. The settlement is the home to only a handful of families overseen by Elder Garunduun, a seemingly ageless and imposing man who believed he was the vessel of Doromest. Hushed whisperings of his followers, including Lilith’s parents and siblings, say that he founded the camp. The community is accepting of its young venturing into the world and taking a pilgrimage. However, as a whole, the people are wary of strangers, and when a young darkling seeks a partner from the outside, they must be tested by Elder Garunduun.

Lilith was brought up by the entire community; the children of the community were treated as everyone’s kin, and she was taught strict Loreist beliefs and disciplines daily. Between education, Loreist practices and hunting and combat training, she worked around the settlement. As with all the adolescents, she was expected to assist with the teachings of those younger than her.

The camp, while wary of outsiders, was peaceful and very rarely had trouble from elsewhere. One night, while her kin slept, Lilith and one of her sisters were hunting not far from their home when they spotted a man sneaking towards the encampment. They followed the stranger, who made his way towards the Elder’s hut. Fearing for her family, Lilith pulled the man into a fight, which ended quickly when Lilith broke his neck.

Less than a week later, while she was hunting once again, Lilith was snatched from the community by several scouts and presented to the head of the Shazhekt Guild, who was impressed with her successful killing of a high ranking Guild member and offered her the job of finishing her victim’s contract; killing Garunduun. Horrified, Lilith refused and returned to her home. However, in the weeks that followed, Lilith could think of little else. She began to notice flaws in the Elder’s stories, cracks in his fa├žade, and she took to watching him very closely. One evening while the camp slept, Garunduun left his hut, alone. Lilith followed him out into the mountains, where he met with two other humans who were carrying a young girl. Garunduun performed some kind of ritual that paralysed the girl, and Lilith witnessed him eat her alive. The girl was dragged away again by the others, seemingly regaining feeling in time to die in agony. Lilith, so overcome with rage, attacked the Elder and beat him with a rock until she could no longer lift her arms. Not knowing where to go, she returned to the Shazhekt Guild and tried to forget her Loreist upbringing.

Lilith has worked for the Guild for seven years and greatly trusts and respects them, particularly the head of the Guild, Saatan Thel, who she harbours a great deal of affection for. The organisation consider her useful, but due to the associations with her race, she remains a semi-low ranking assassin. Her services as an assassin or bodyguard can be bought by outsiders, however she will always put the desires of her masters above all else, and anyone paying for her help has no choice but to accept that. She tends to have a better attitude towards those with combat ability than anyone else, because of the respect she has for her fellow assassins. She prefers to know absolutely everything available about the targets assigned to her, in order to better understand their movements and, if needed, manipulate them.

Lilith rarely speaks to those outside of the Guild, also Common is her second language, and she has a hatred of those who talk unnecessarily. She also seems to be cautious around humans, and won’t speak of her old beliefs. The combination of these things mean that she is very quiet and sometimes won’t respond even if spoken to.

Lilith Lostre

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