Edward Grey

Former policeman on a quest for redemption


Name : Edward Gray
Age : 34
Gender : M
Hometown : Lincoln

Appearance : Height is about 5’10", short black hair with a slight fringe that’s usually gelled back, well built and in shape health wise, also fairly athletic. Looks slightly weathered, making him seem older than he is. Often found sporting a good degree of stubble.

Bio/Personality : Detective, naturally inquisitive, won’t take action unless everything has been looked at and analysed. Has a wife, Emily, and is trying for a child, currently settling for a pet cat, named JC, as a proxy.

Backstory :
A great believer in justice and doing the right thing, Edward followed his father’s footsteps and joined the police force right out of school. From joining the force he found his natural inquisitiveness lead him naturally to a career as a detective where he’s happily worked for the past 16 years. His penchant for justice often leads him into what other’s would find dangerous situations, however with his stubborn choice not to act until all aspects are considered these situations are far less dangerous and expertly handled.
However, there are rumors that Edward’s uncanny ability to not only survive, but come out on top against seemingly impossible odds, is not entirely based on perfectly good means. It is said that Edward has access to some sort of powerful nerve gas that forces criminals, and perhaps civilians, to surrender to him. It is unknown where this gas comes from.

Edward Grey

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