Former Daerist monk and Bethelgane bandit


Benedict is a member of the Bethelgane bandits. A former Daerist priest, he still dresses in the robes of his order. He is of middling height with receding hair and a full beard.

Once a kindly and quiet man, Benedict has participated in many atrocities since his time with Ridley and his cohorts. This has caused him to become depressed and withdrawn.


Benedict was born in Marsheusis to Daerist parents. He became an apprentice of the church at the age of nine, and was ordained before his eighteenth birthday.

Shortly after becoming a priest, Benedict moved to the city of Bethelgane. He was there on the day of Fyrsobarthe’s attack, and was gravely wounded, including the loss of his right eye.. He was nursed to health by one of his followers, who was later raped and killed by Ridley and the Bethelgane bandits.

Faced with the choice of a painful death or joining the bandits, Benedict opted for the latter, and has since done many terrible things. He has begun to hate himself, and seriously contemplate suicide.


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