The Behemoth of Kurok

Guardian of the Orb of Tephilin


The Behemoth of Kurok was the Guardian of the last Orb of Yokurgin, the black Orb of Tephilin. A cyclopean creature of black skin, smoke and fear, it dwelled in the volcanic region of Kurok.

The Behemoth was singlemindedly cruel and brutal, and utterly dedicated to its purpose.


The Behemoth dwelled in Kurok, killing all who dared to enter. When Gareiden engaged it and took the Orb of Tephilin, he was nearly killed.

Without the Orb to protect, the Behemoth threatened to attack the rest of the country, until it was killed by the combined forces of Edward Grey, Zoltan Kaufmann, Lilith Lostre, Alyaa Maxis, Kazdan Zell, Behr Tharanstone, Oldun Drakkanus, Commander Pruit Yanis, Serban Tukathe and Dr Agula.

The Behemoth of Kurok

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