Slave of the Bethelgane bandits


Alysanne is a slave of the Bethelgane bandits. Along with Genevieve and Brunhilda, she acts as maid, cook and whore to Ridley and his associates.

Alysanne is a quiet girl with black hair, tanned skin and several facial piercings.


Alysanne was born and raised in the port of Belotesquah. Her father was an alcoholic fisherman who abused her on rare occasions. When she was fifteen, Alysanne accompanied him on a fishing trip, where she drowned him and told her mother that he had fallen into the sea drunk.

At the age of nineteen, Alysanne moved to the city of Bethelgane. Four years later, the city was destroyed by Fyrsobarthian forces. Alysanne survived the attack, but was later captured by Ridley and his bandits.

She was the last of the slave girls aquired by the brigands, and found little comfort in Brunhilda and Genevieve.


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