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Yokurgin is a country in the land of X’ancry, located to the east of the great nation of Fyrsobarthe, touching the Gethahl, Relpian and Quohpheth Seas. It is divided into seven provinces, which though different, are all governed by the King, who lives in the great walled city of Marsheusis in the province of Judmipar.

Ghandala is a verdant province, and home to the great Crossroads, which lead to Yokurgin’s capital Marsheusis, as well as three of the four great ports. Two of those ports, Belotesquah and Keydon, are located in Ghandala. Also located in Ghandala is one of the two great bridges which cross the Charbaine River, the bridge of Karthune.

Gredi is a province dominated by the enormous Fegedahn mountains, which span from border to border. It contains the mining town Paskau and the small village of Fedelha, nestled within the mountains. It is also home to the mysterious Castle Baphette, and the city-sized Unquarth Cemetary.

Hagoph is one of the most inhospitable provinces in Yokurgin. The south of the province is home to the impassable Narshair Wastelands. The poison air of the wastelands has reduced the once great port of Shedhmi to a crumbling shadow of its former self. Fort Braegande, one of the King’s posts in the south of Yokurgin, is now abandoned. To the north of the province is the small farmer’s town of Kagen, which produces little crops and mostly mutant animals.

Judmipar is the most affluent province in the country. It is home to Marsheusis, the enormous capital of Yokurgin and the home of the King. It also contains the great Iaedas Desert, and the beautiful Pyramid of Kahbekha. At the very north edge of the province lies the town of Godhe, where many of Yokurgin’s intellectuals retire. The Glorianda mountain range frames the province.

Naiju is a desolate province, with little life. Once, it contained the bustling metropolis of Bethelgane, Yokurgin’s second greatest city. But an attack from the armies of Fyrsobarthe left the city destroyed, and uninhabited. Also in Naiju is the Pered-Thaertane marshes, and Patengah, the forest of spiders. The only known inhabitants of the province are the soldiers based at Fort Cyncent.

Spirilidon is another lush, green province. Dominated by grasslands and the huge Faerdaen forest, Spirilidon is also home to the thriving turron town of Raukath and the port of Nasquah. Fort Pelamence sits at the base of the Ghotenda, or black hills, atop which sits the sinister Kendraghora Abbey.

Tephilin is a province few dare enter. Desolate and black, the only known life is in the Tower of Michtalenchuthli, though few know what goes on there. To the south of the province is the volcanic region of Kurok, and the ashen beach of Teredyr. To the north are the Plains of Pereditum, and the dreaded Dome of Nightmares.


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