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Lincoln policeman Edward Grey returns from work to find that his cat, J.C., has been killed in the road. He takes his distraught wife Emily out for dinner, and afterwards, is attacked by several thugs. Emily is killed in the scuffle. Moments later, Edward is approached by the interdimensional sorcerer Gareiden who offers him a chance to turn the clock back 24 hours if Edward can collect the seven magical Orbs of Yokurgin and the legendary Skull of Goaz. Edward is given the Orb of Tephilin and passes out.


Hortaen, Norest 19, 1202
Day One

Edward awakes in The Smuggler’s Rest, an inn in the port of Shedhmi. There, he meets Entat Bant and his daughter Jaegold. Entat brings Edward up to speed and offers him a few items to help him on his journey. Edward visits the garland tailor Aluis Saris and Shedhmi’s general store, owned by Pere Cromwell. He also encounters the enterprising turron merchant Zoltan Kaufmann and his bodyguard, Alyaa Maxis. After visiting the Ventenist monk Brown, Edward notices the darkling Lilith spying on him. After an altercation between Lilith and Alyaa, the disparate group retire to The Smuggler’s Rest, where Zoltan and Lilith agree to accompany Edward on his journey.

Nostaen, Norest 20, 1202
Day Two

After some last minute buying and a visit to the Ventenist temple, the party leave Shedhmi, using the Orb of Tephilin to guide them. On the road out of town, they meet the assassin Kazdan Zell, who expresses interest in magicks recently used in the port. Though suspicious of his motives, the party allow Kazdan to accompany them. The party traverse the Hagoph countryside, reaching Fort Braegande before nightfall. They search the fort, finding the corpse of an un-man and a strange, frog-like creature, before deciding to rest there for the night.

Eldaen, Segnar 1, 1202
Day Three

The party cross the Zehryte mountains, encountering a pair of kehlets in the foothills. They reach the Rendestiate River at dusk, and camp on its banks.

Bondaen, Segnar 2, 1202
Day Four

The Orb leads the party into the forest of Phaelin, where they are attacked by a dryad. The creature nearly kills Kazdan, but the party manage to defeat it. Sometime later, they find a clearing which contains a strangely well-maintained cabin. There, they are attacked by the great wolf Yarwae. Retreating into the cabin, Edward discovers the Orb of Hagoph. Edward uses the Orb to keep Yarwae at bay while Kazdan, Alyaa and Lilith defeat the Guardian of the Orb. The party decide to rest in the cabin and set off again at first light.

Silfaen, Segnar 3, 1202
Day Five

The party leave the forest of Phaelin and move on to the town of Kagen. They dine with farmer Murtogh Muggrah before entering the town itself. It is eerily deserted, with the only merchant evident being Bromine Cartheisen. Alyaa seems eager to leave the town, and the party continue to follow the Orb of Hagoph. It leads them to The Tendechagh, where they are greeted by the Arkrai Menwyn Vanil and his daughter Varil. The Arkrai allows the party to stay the night in the garland town of Glomewood.

Entaen, Segnar 4, 1202
Day Six

The party leave Glomewood in the early hours. The Orb continues to lead them northeast. They cross the border from Hagoph into Gredi, and traverse the difficult Fegedahn mountains. While they rest, the party are attacked by a degon, but they manage to slay the beast. They travel for another few hours and camp on a sheltered plateau.

Kontaen, Segnar 5, 1202
Day Seven

The party continue through the mountains and reach the village of Fedelha by evening. They are welcomed by farmer Jevi Salerio, who tells them that Edward’s arrival was foretold by the village’s matriarch, Mother Bella. The party head to The Green Man tavern, where they stay for the night.

Mitaen, Segnar 6, 1202
Day Eight

Jevi visits the party early in the morning and says that Mother Bella has invited them to dine at her house that evening. Kazdan visits the Daerist church in the village and the rest of the party trade some goods, before Jevi leads them up to Mother Bella’s cottage. They share a feast, and as they leave, Mother Bella takes Edward aside for a private word. Returning to the village, the party encounter travelling bard Danil Lothson, who implores them to let him accompany them on their travels, before they retire to The Green Man, where its proprietor, Faron Thorne, allows them to stay free of charge.

Lastaen, Segnar 7, 1202
Day Nine

As the party leave The Green Man, they again run into Danil Lothson. Alyaa threatens the bard, who runs away. The party then leave Fedelha, with Jevi warning them against nearby Castle Baphette. As the party descend the Fegedahn mountains, Alyaa spies a black clad figure following them, but when Kazdan investigates, he finds no one. The party move on to Unquarth Cemetary, where they meet a dead man who identifies himself as Bor Sexton. Bor is civil and well-spoken, and tells of how his family was attacked by bandits on the way to Quarnse. Yet when Lilith attempts to enter the castle, he attacks the party. More zombies rise from their graves, but the party manage to escape into the castle. Within, they meet Herod, the Guardian of the Orb of Gredi. Herod brings to life four suits of armour, and when they are defeated, engages the party himself. After a hard fought battle, Lilith kills the sorcerer. Zoltan discovers a secret passage, and the pary decide to stay the night in the castle’s opulent bedrooms.

Germaen, Segnar 8, 1202
Day Ten

The party head out of the Fegedahn mountains. Kazdan notices that the party are still being followed, but cannot find their pursuer. The party pass into Spirilidon and visit Quarnse. There, they meet the rancher A.A. Pickett, who invites them to stay with him. They trade with merchant Muhroon Darkhart and drink at Angele Lengdon’s Sapphire Saloon, where Alyaa elects to stay. Edward also meets the wealthy rancher Yrl Wystyrn. The majority of the party enjoy a meal with Pickett and his family, before spending the night in his Homber Lodge.

Hortaen, Segnar 9, 1202
Day Eleven

The party leave Quarnse and head for the prosperous turron town of Raukath. Along the way, they meet three members of the Dabhiz Association; Deem Pargan, Senton Arguss and Anul Sinnadon. Anul mentions that the daughter of Raukath’s community leader and the head of the Association, Mairz Scortan, has been kidnapped by the infamous Indala twins. The group inquire at the Association’s headquarters, where Mairz and his bodyguard, Serban Tukathe, bid them to find Kemrin. The party leave some of their weapons with alchemist Hartak Vale and hire horses from elderly hostler Leisen Cooper before leaving town. The party ride to the port of Nasquah, where they inquire about the Indala twins. Local merchant Kahl Cartheisen says that the bandits headed east along the coast. The party stay at The Falling Star Inn.

Nostaen, Segnar 10, 1202
Day Twelve

The party leave Nasquah in the early morning, meeting a Daerist priest along the way. The party reach Asaethe Beach by nightfall, where they discover the bandits’ camp. After a vicious fight, the bandits are killed, and the group recover Kemrin Scortan, who has had strips of her flesh removed and eaten. Zoltan and Edward care for the girl as best they can, before resting on the beach.

Eldaen, Segnar 11, 1202
Day Thirteen

The party return to Raukath, where Mairz and his daughter have an emotional reunion. Serban suggests that the party return in the morning. The group retrieve their improved weapons from Vale, before retiring to accommodation provided by the Dabhiz Association.

Bondaen, Segnar 12, 1202
Day Fourteen

Mairz thanks the group profusely for rescuing his daughter, and offers them 10,000 wairs as a reward. Serban also suggests that the party travel to the town of Paskau, which has been plagued by tunk attacks. He suggests that the town’s wealthy mayor, Marl Toren, may offer a reward. After seeing off an enthusiastic young turron, the party make for Paskau. As they cross into Gredi, they are attacked by a gudune, which they manage to defeat. Further on, they meet the miner Behr Tharanstone, who leads them into the town. The party meet Toren, who is reluctant to pay. Before an agreement can be reached, a trio of tunks attack. Toren agrees to pay the party whatever they want, provided they defeat the tunks. Behr joins the party, and together, they slay the giants. The party demand payment, but Toren refuses. The group leave, and stay at Thailain’s Esson’s Sleeping Giant Inn.

Silfaen, 13 Segnar, 1202
Day Fifteen

The party plan a coup with Behr, Thailain, Seeley Cartheisen and Gared Arnoth, who volunteers as Paskau’s new mayor. However, when the group enter Toren’s office via a secret passage, they find that the man has fled. Gared vows to be a benevolent ruler, and the party ride out of town. Zoltan stops at Raukath to inform Serban of the situation. On the road, they encounter garland ranger Auri Langein, before pressing on to Nasquah. The Falling Star has no rooms available, so much of the party stay at The Storm House, an all-male brothel.

Entaen, 14 Segnar, 1202
Day Sixteen

The party visit Kahl Cartheisen before moving on to Fort Pelamence. They are greeted by Dolac Enzil and Captain Yorek Teer before a contingent of Fyrsobarthe soldiers based at the Ghotenda begin flinging rocks at the fort. Inside, the fort’s Commander, Hob Bosskins begins to question the party. Edward produces the Orb, and the Commander insists that he take it to the capital and present it to the King. The party are invited to rest at the fort for the night.

Kontaen, 15 Segnar, 1202
Day Seventeen

Commander Hob rouses the party at first light, and they make for the Ghotenda. There, they fight with and kill the Fyrsobarthian soldiers, including their leader, Lieutenant Joby Gatiss. Lilith delivers the one surviving soldier to Fort Pelamence before the party move on, camping outside Kendraghora Abbey.

Mitaen, 16 Segnar, 1202
Day Eighteen

After an encounter with two living gargoyles, the party enter Kendraghora Abbey, finding its architecture and dimensions bizarre and unnatural.


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