The Journal of Edward Grey

April 2nd?

My dearest Emily,

Tonight you died in my arms and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

But someone has offered me a chance, a long shot, but a chance none the less to bring you back. Insane as it sounds what choice did I… do I have? I cannot live without you Emily, I will do whatever it takes to have you back at my side.

Love always, Edward

April 2nd? Second Entry

My dearest Emily,

Now I have some more time to write, I feel a log of events is necessary. Besides, this seems like the only way to keep in touch with you and make it seem you’re still there somewhere.

So much is happening around me, and none of it truly makes any sense. If I’m led to believe what I’m told, and I am skeptical, then I am no longer on Earth. Even writing that down seems nonsensical. I am in a port town known as ‘Shedhmi’, it’s quiet and there are strange goings on with the residents; one appears to be a half man half horse – I am told that this is no trick and such creatures are real, I cannot fathom such in all truth.

I awoke in an inn with my possessions entirely missing, including most importantly my wedding ring. It is strange how I feel so naked without such a small piece of metal. From there, I was given supplies and money from the innkeep before setting out to look around town and find myself some better fitting and more protective clothing.

Protective clothing. Probably going to need a lot of that. It seems that the mysterious man who brought me to this place, supposedly through some kind of ‘magic,’ has a quest for me. Travel the continent collecting more orbs like the pure black one he has given me. This, he says, will allow him a chance to turn back time thereby preventing your death.

Nonsense. Absolute nonsense. But that light of hope in the darkness is all I have to cling to.

Along my small travels, I seem to have gathered a group who seem to wish to follow me. A small stout man who’s seeming only occupation is money and trade, his, I presume, bodyguard and a female with which we know little about and I understand not one word she speaks.

I tire now, it has been a long day, I can only hope I do not dream about what happened to you. That is, if I even sleep at all.

Love always, Edward

April 4th?

My dearest Emily,

As the days pass here, everything around me seems to just get more nonsensical. I fear that, should you ever truly read these diary entries, you will simply dismiss them as works of my imagination.

Today began as normal as possible for being in this place, by waking in the inn. However, it was oddly quiet, not even Entat was there, let alone his daughter or patrons. I presume it must either be a standard non-working day or a day of great importance.

We, that is to say the group mentioned in my previous entry, whom I now understand go by the names of Zoltan, Alyaa and Lillith, then proceeded to leave town on the only road out, which led us past the temple where we found Entat, his daughter Jaegold and the monk Brown, who had gathered to wish me luck on the journey.

There is something very… off about the countryside here. In fact, not just the countryside but almost everywhere is just too quiet. I presume it is the lack of cars and people, but it certainly makes this place far more unsettling than you could imagine.

Along our travels we met a fellow traveller, and another one who seems interested in the orb, but moreso with regards to it’s magic than it’s potential worth. He has joined us, for now, and I aim to keep the orb as much of a secret as possible. I simply cannot let this slip out of my hands.

We are camping tonight in an old ruin of what I surmise from my map to be Fort Braegande. There was a corpse of note here, it was human yet not so. I will inquire about it in the morning, perhaps my companions will be willing to share some information. Just before writing this entry, as the group looked around the ruin, I discovered a strange, frog-like creature. I assume only I saw it, as it hopped off the tower it was on and ran off into the country, and I am left to wonder just what that was. Most likely yet another strange life form that I simply will have to get used to. I assume the same for that corpse, yet at least this frog I know precisely what is wrong with its existence, even if I cannot explain it.

My dearest Emily,

Before I write this entry, I want you to know just how much I miss you. The days I find myself somewhat distracted by the odd array of people around me and the travelling, but the nights… the nights are the hardest, and worst of all are the recurring dreams I find myself having, reliving the moments you died. I am hoping these will eventually end, but I fear they probably never will.

~ oOo ~

I queried Zoltan regarding that corpse. He informed me that it was something called an un-man. Part of me is intrigued to see a living one, just to tally up having seen yet another exotic species.

Our travels today were, once again, mostly quiet. However, we faced our first block in the road in the form of two wolf-like creatures which attacked us. The beasts were handled and killed predominantly by Alyaa, Lillith and Kazdan, but the sheer bloodsport I was audience to was one hell of a culture shock. They just seemed so nonchalant as to attack the beasts as if it were second nature, the done thing almost… and to then skin them immediately after. This will take some getting used to, I only hope they do not find fighting and killing people the same way. I hope to never be in a situation where I find out.

Tonight we camp by the Rendestiate River. I look forward to having a quick wash as I must admit it has been a few days without one.

Love always, Edward

My dearest Emily,

I now possess two orbs. This second was found in the forest of Phaelin, and is blue as opposed to my previous black orb.

We experienced yet more combat today, leading more credence to my theory that such occurrences are simply the norm and may become a more daily issue.

The orb itself was kept within a cabin near the centre of the forest, guarded, as Entat had warned me, by a large wolf known as Yarwae. You would not believe the size of this thing. You may remember the times I’ve spoken about the atypical fantasy dire wolf, well, this seemed like one of those. Now I truly realise the pure aura of ferocity that surrounds them even the multitude of books I’ve read could never quite convey. Of course, this beast now lies dead, though, for a moment, I believed the orb may have allowed me to be rid of the guardian in a nonviolent manner.

The wolf seemed to calm as I held the orb, and as I approached it backed away, yet beyond this I could not seem to command the beast. I did not get much more chance to test the orb’s effect before Lilith finished the beast.

Tomorrow, I shall attempt to make the orb show me our next direction. I presume it will work the same way as the previous. If things continue as they do, I may get to see you sooner than I ever imagined. I feel that is a pretty big ‘if’ though.

Love always, Edward

The Journal of Edward Grey

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