There are four major religions in Yokurgin.

Daerism is the most widely practiced. It does not believe in any particular deity, rather believing that there are elemental forces which guide the various races of Yokurgin. The largest Daerist church is in Marsheusis, directly in front of Habrek Palace, home of the King.

Loreism worships four deities – Hammehade, mistress of the oceans, Vebis, queen of the skies, Urm, lord of the earth, and Doromest, ruler of the underworld. Darklings and garlands are the main followers of Loreism, though some humans also follow the religion. The main Loreist temple is located in the port of Keydon. There is also a natural temple in Glomewood.

Saalism worships a plethora of deities. There are deities for almost every aspect of life in Yokurgin, including farming, fishing, sleeping and lovemaking. The ruling god is a tall man whose entire body is covered in hair, known as The Great Saal. He is assisted by three female deities, the blonde Jeanaeus, the brunette Viktid and the redhead Ratten. There are Saalist temples in Marsheusis, Paskau and Bethelgane.

Ventenism is a very exclusive religion that, rather than putting its faith in a deity, puts its faith in a sorcerer – Gareiden. Very few follow Ventenism, but those who do are very dedicated. There is a Ventenist temple in Shedhmi.


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