When people in Yokurgin fall ill, there are several methods of treatment.

People can be cured traditionally, with herbs, salves, poultices and tonics, as well as surgery.

Though it is rare, there are also magical methods of healing. Few possess these skills, and those who do tend to charge vast amounts of money for their services. The King has several magical physicians within his court.

Potions of healing are also available. Combining magic and medicine, these mixtures have varying degrees of success, and a wide array of prices which reflects this.

Principal illnesses in Yokurgin include thangar, a condition which causes fever and difficulty of breathing, and can eventually lead to death by suffocation; “the red shroud”, an affliction which causes the skin to become blotchy and inflamed; readwhein, an illness which causes violent vomiting and diarrhea, and, if left untreated, can cause death; “the vipes”, which causes the rapid contraction and expansion of the lungs, making it difficult for a patient to speak or breathe; and damenath, a sickness which causes severe headaches and can affect the sight of a sufferer.


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