Flag   fyrsobarthe

Fyrsobarthe is a large country in the land of X’ancry, and Yokurgin’s neighbour. A much larger landmass, it is located approximately 320 miles to the west of Yokurgin, across the Relpian Sea.

It is divided into sixteen provinces, the majority of which are bigger than Yokurgin’s largest province, Judmipar. The sixteen provinces of Fyrsobarthe are;

  • Agensol
  • Ardunn
  • Ardunnmouth
  • Denmoor
  • Dolgrave
  • Droppne
  • Dymrosil
  • Endwaith
  • Indynn
  • Lapless
  • Quoskeel
  • Raskethlan
  • Sarthan
  • Thror
  • Torsunder
  • Winterborne

In 1198, with no apparent reason, Fyrsobarthe started a war with Yokurgin, which still rages today. The King of Yokurgin attempted to negotiate for peace, but after the attack which destroyed Bethelgane, The King sent soldiers to Fyrsobarthe.

The armies of Fyrsobarthe later launched a devastating chemical attack on the town of Narshair, reducing the south of Hagoph to a toxic wasteland.

Fyrsobarthe’s leader is the enigmatic King Gulhammel, who has stepped foot on Yokurgin soil only once for an unsuccessful peace talk with the King.


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