Food and Drink

There are thousands of different kinds of food and drink in Yokurgin, but some are more commonplace than others.

Gealas meat is the most commonly eaten meat in Yokurgin. There are gealas farms in Kagen, Fedelha and the capital city of Marsheusis. The meat of the hairy, horned beasts is rich and faintly spicy.

Gealas milk is also popular throughout the country. It is favoured for its sweet taste and creamy texture.

Tann meat is lighter and blander than gealas meat. There are farms for the long-necked birds throughout the country.

Tafetts are strong-tasting root vegetables, that have an almost meaty flavour. They are very nutritious.

Parchecs are small, round white biscuits that are incredibly filling. They are made by the Ventenist monks and given to only a select few.

Elisas water is the juice of the yellow elisas fruits. Poisonous on its own, it can be neutralised with farin powder to make an almost tasteless but thirst-quenching drink.

Corn beer is the most widely drunk alcoholic beverage in Yokurgin. Brewed in most provinces, it is incredibly dry and incredibly strong.

Hadong cider is a warm, spicy alcoholic drink favoured by the older residents of Yokurgin.

Yedo is a paste that can be put on bread or eaten alone. It is incredibly spicy, and can warm even the coldest traveller. Yedo is flavoured by the popular spice gorn.

Food and Drink

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