Tag: Grause Forest


  • Madame Grause

    Nothing is known about Madame Grause's childhood. It is even unknown whether she took her name from Grause Forest or if the forest was named for her. Around [[History|1175]], the first of her prophecies began to come to public attention. Some people …

  • Oldun Drakkanus

    Oldun was born in [[Grause Forest]], and raised in equal part by his parents and Madame Grause. When the witch saw how strong the boy was growing, she conditioned him to be her protector. The berserker is fiercely loyal, and will protect Madame Grause …

  • J.C. (Iceate)

    J.C. began to follow Edward Grey and his companions around [[Grause Forest]]. He later approached Edward while he was in a tavern in [[Belotesquah]]. Edward decided to adopt the iceate as a pet, and named him after his [[:j-c|late cat]].