Tag: Animal


  • Yarwae

    Little is known about Yarwae. He was known to be very strong and incredibly vicious. He was tasked with guarding the Orb of Hagoph, and did so until he was slain by [[:alyaa-maxis]], [[:kazdan-zell]], [[:lilith-lostre]], [[:edward-grey]] and [[:zoltan- …

  • J.C. (Cat)

    J.C. was a rescue cat, whom Emily instantly fell in love with. She brought J.C. home, and he was part of the Grey family until he was killed by a car. To cheer his wife up in the face of this tragedy, Edward took Emily to dinner at her favorite …

  • J.C. (Iceate)

    J.C. began to follow Edward Grey and his companions around [[Grause Forest]]. He later approached Edward while he was in a tavern in [[Belotesquah]]. Edward decided to adopt the iceate as a pet, and named him after his [[:j-c|late cat]].