Orb of Tephilin


The Orb of Tephilin is one of the seven Orbs of Yokurgin. It is a ball of what appears to be black glass.

The Guardian of this Orb was the Behemoth of Kurok, but the beast was defeated by the sorcerer Gareiden, who took the Orb.


The Orb of Tephilin is perhaps the most mysterious of all the legendary Orbs. Belonging to the forbidden province of Tephilin, it seemed even more unobtainable than its kin. However, Gareiden managed to find it in the volcanic region of Kurok, and their defeated its Guardian.

Gareiden held onto the Orb until Edward Grey arrived in Yokurgin. Gareiden gave the Orb to Edward, to help him find the other six.

When near the Orb of Hagoph, the Orb displayed an image of black, thorny brances against a full white moon.

Orb of Tephilin

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