Orb of Spirilidon


The Orb of Spirilidon is one of Yokurgin’s seven magical Orbs. A deep crimson colour, it appears to be a sphere made of strong, heavy glass.

Its Guardian was Kane, a vampire who often took the form of a handsome human man.


The Orb of Spirilidon is usually thought of as the third of the seven Orbs of Yokurgin. It was held in Kendraghora Abbey, atop the Black Hills in the province of Spirilidon until it was recovered by Kazdan Zell, Lilith Lostre, Edward Grey, Alyaa Maxis and Zoltan Kaufmann.

When close to the Orb of Ghandala, the Orb showed an image of a vast field of pumpkins carved with grotesque faces.

Orb of Spirilidon

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