Orb of Gredi


The Orb of Gredi is one of the seven magical Orbs of Yokurgin. It is a green ball of what seems to be glass.

Its Guardian was the sorcerer Herod, a man who had control over the undead.


The Orb of Hagoph is considered the second of the seven Orbs of Yokurgin. It was kept in Castle Baphette, over the enormous Unquarth Cemetary. It was held by the sorcerer Herod, until Edward Grey and his associates Kazdan Zell, Zoltan Kaufmann, Alyaa Maxis and Lilith Lostre defeated the zombie king and took the Orb.

When approaching the Orb of Spirilidon, the Orb showed an image of what appeared to be flowing blood.

Orb of Gredi

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