Flaming Longsword

weapon (melee)

The flaming longsword is a weapon that was used by Lieutenant Joby Gatiss, a high-ranking soldier in Fyrsobarthe’s army. Crafted of fine steel, the blade has a magical enchantment on it which causes the blade to burst into flame.

The fire does not damage or otherwise change the blade, and the flames never travel to the hilt of the sword.


When Gatiss was tasked with leading a force to the shores of Yokurgin, King Gulhammel personally gifted him with the flaming lonsword. When the party of soldiers landed, Gatiss used the sword to cut down the sailors who saw their arrival.

When the troops settled in the Ghotenda, Gatiss kept the longsword closeby, even while he slept. When he was attacked in his tent by Kazdan Zell, Gatiss attacked with the burning sword. Eventually, the Lieutenant was defeated, and Kazdan claimed the sword for himself.

Flaming Longsword

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