Popular whore of The Storm House


Zevon is a whore at The Storm House, an all-male brothel in Nasquah. A svelte and beautiful young man with a head of brilliant auburn hair and deep brown eyes.

Zevon is cocky and flirtatious, qualities he uses to his advantage both with his customers, and his employer, the pimp Jilliard.


Zevon was born in the port of Belotesquah. Effeminate and shy, he was bullied as a child, and one assault left him comatose for over a month.

When he awoke, he fled Belotesquah, and was soon selling himself for food and coin. When he found himself in Nasquah, he was discovered by Jilliard, who offered him a huge sum to work in The Storm House.

Zevon is now the most requested whore in all of The Storm House, something he is very proud of.


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