Yrl Wystyrn

Wealthy tann farmer


Yrl Wystyrn is a prominent rancher in the Spirilidon town of Quarnse. He is outspoken and rude, and his easy smile hides a ruthless and insecure side.

He is tall with receding silver hair and a thick salt-and-pepper moustache. He is known for his rich, deep voice.


Wystyrn was born in the port of Keydon to humble fisherfolk. Becoming quickly tired of the fishing life, Wystyrn moved to nearby Marsheusis, where he began farming tann in the city’s Flass district.

As he grew older, Wystyrn came to hate the hustle and bustle of the city, and moved to Quarnse, where he bought up as much land as he could for his tann farm. He developed a storied rivalry with vegetable and gealas farmer A.A. Pickett, who he irrationally despises.

Wystyrn frequents Angele Lengdon’s Sapphire Saloon.

Yrl Wystyrn

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