Xyrath im Iaeusunn

Magician from the country of Zaal


Xyrath im Iaesunn is a sorcerer and street entertainer based in the port of Belotesquah. He is a tall, well-built human with short black hair and smooth dark skin. His body is covered in intricate red tattoos.

He is very outgoing and bold, and is considered eccentric and flamboyant by many of the residents of the port.


Xyrath was born in the small town of Liazht in Zaal’s province of Naathvizio. His parents were poor, eking out an meagre living farming the difficult land. Xyrath helped where he could, and when he grew older and stronger, he set out on his own, learning magicks and sending back all the money he could to his family.

When the tyrannical Impai Zang Thorshuam took power, Xyrath made his way back home, only to find his family’s farm burnt and his family dead. Devastated, Xyrath fled the country, eventually landing in Yokurgin’s port of Belotesquah.

After a period of deep depression, Xyrath began a new life as a street entertainer, using his knowledge of magicks to delight children and fascinate adults.

Xyrath im Iaeusunn

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