Wirn Tasik

Passionate darkling of the Ashforth Hills


Wirn Tasik is a Loreist darkling who lives in a small, nameless encampment in Ghandala’s Ashforth hills. He is tall, skinny and pale, with long black hair.

He is loyal and passionate, and can seem aggressive to those who do not know his true nature.


Wirn was born and raised in a strictly Loreist community. He became friends with Ul Banaal and Lilith Lostre. He harboured feelings for Ul, which Lilith encouraged him to share. After Lilith left the encampment, Ul and Wirn entered into a relationship.

Later, the duo ran into Lilith again, and a misunderstanding left Ul dead. After speaking with Lilith, a devastated Wirn returned to the encampment.

Wirn Tasik

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