Varil Vanil

Beautiful garland of The Tendechagh


Varil Vanil is the beautiful daughter of Glomewood’s Arkrai Menwyn. Slender and petite, she is widely considered one of the most beautiful garlands in all the land.

Varil is quiet and obedient, but has a wild streak she exercises only when she is away from her stern father.


Varil was born and raised in Glomewood, the garland town in The Tendechagh. Her upbringing was strictly Loreist, with her father stressing the importance of these beliefs.

Obedient and dedicated to her father, Varil is somewhat rebellious at heart. She longs to leave The Tendechagh and see the outside world. She has also asked certain garlands about the identity of her mother, but so far, has not been able to track her down.

Varil Vanil

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