Thailain Esson

Personable Paskau innkeeper


Thailain Esson is the landlady of Paskau’s Sleeping Giant inn. She is a friendly and outgoing woman, who cares deeply about her family, friends and townsfolk.

She has curly black hair and expressive green eyes.


Thailain was born and raised in the port of Keydon. Her father was a noted sailor, and brought her tales and gifts from the countries beyond Yokurgin.

One day, news came to Thailain that her father had been lost at sea. She was devastated, and soon after left the port. She settled in Quarnse, where she sewed for a living. However, after a travelling sellsword raped her, she once again moved on.

Eventually, she found peace in Paskau, where she met her future husband Fithel Esson. Seeing that Thailain was a delicate woman with a troubled past, Fithel took care of her, and soon brought her in as a partner at his inn, The Sleeping Giant.

The couple later married, and have happily run the inn ever since.

Thailain Esson

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