Teravakhian Duhalmes

Skilled Shazhekt assassin


Teravakhian Duhalmes is one of the most respected assassins in the Shazhekt Guild. Known for his intelligence and cunning as much as his physical prowess, he has become something of a legendary figure in the organisation.

He is a tall man with greying hair and a neat goatee.


Duhalmes was born in Paskau, where his parents attempted to interest him in the family business of book-keeping. Far more interested in philosophy and magicks, Teravakhian read whenever he could, becoming particularly interested in the writings of Dol Pestude.

While travelling the country in his mid-tenties, Duhalmes met a member of the assassin’s guild. Struck by Duhalmes’ manner and mind, the assassin invited Duhalmes to join the Shazhekt Guild.

Accepting the offer, Duhalmes moved to Belotesquah, where he gradually became one of the most respected and highly-ranking assassins in the organisation.

When the leader of the guild died, Duhalmes was considered a favourite for the position. When Saatan Thel was appointed leader, Duhalmes was offended, but the two soon came to respect one another, and Thel continues to offer Duhalmes his most important contracts.

Teravakhian Duhalmes

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