Sia Lavene

Flirtatious wife of Jarott


Sia Lavene is the landlady of the Gethahl Point Inn in Belotesquah, where she works with her husband Jarott. A bold and outgoing woman, Sia is well-liked by almost everyone in the town.

She is a pretty woman with brown hair and a wide smile.


Sia grew up in Bethelgane in the province of Naiju. She was a quiet girl, who nonetheless made friends easily. As she blossomed, she came out of her shell, and soon became one of the most popular young women in the city. Many men courted her, and she refused several marriage proposals.

Shortly after her thirtieth birthday, she left Bethelgane and travelled to Marsheusis, where she attempted to make it as a gambler. She was left destitute, however, and resorted to prostitution. When she gathered enough money, she moved on once again, settling in Belotesquah.

It was there she met Jarott Lavene, a well-to-do innkeeper. Sensing a place she could floruish, Sia seduced and married Jarott. Some months later, Sia discovered she was pregnant. She considered aborting the child, but decided to see the pregnancy through. Her daughter was born, and the pair called the baby Noelle.

Sia now works at the Gethahl Point Inn with her husband, though from time to time she will attempt to seduce strangers, a fact her husband is so far unaware of.

Sia Lavene

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