Sergeant Ieun Dius

Soldier of Fort Cyncent


Sergeant Ieun Dius is an aging berserker soldier based at Fort Cyncent in Naiju. A man of some fifty years, Dius has a resigned and somewhat weary outlook on life. He is quiet and can be seen as gruff, but he is loyal to his brothers in the military, and is fiercely patriotic.

Dius is a well-built man with greying hair and a full beard.


Dius was born in Marsheusis and trained to fight from a young age by his father, a sellsword. He left home at the age of nineteen and joined the King’s military. He ascended the ranks over the years, becoming Sergeant at the age of thirty-nine.

After Fyrsobarthe declared war on Yokurgin, Dius was transferred from the capital to Fort Cyncent, where he currently assists Commander Pruit Yanis in any way he can.

Sergeant Ieun Dius

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