Serban Tukathe

Assistant to Mairz Scortan


Serban Tukathe is a grizzled miner and former mercenary. A turron living in Raukath, Tukathe is the right hand man of Raukath’s community leader Mairz Scortan. Tukathe is also a high-ranking member of the Dabhiz Association.

Tukathe is a stern, humourless man with little patience for japes. He is considered very intimidating by many in Raukath, for his personality and his looks. Despite this, he is dedicated and incredibly faithful to Scortan, the Dabhiz Association and the people of Raukath.

Tukathe is wiry and tall for a turron. He has long, dark brown hair and a neat beard. One side of Tukathe’s face is a ruin of scars, and his right eye is milky white and blind.


Tukathe was born in Raukath, the turron town in Spirilidon. A gruff and antisocial child, Tukathe had a strained relationship with his parents. In his early teenage years, Tukathe found work as a sellsword, and spent a few years travelling the country, offering his services to the highest bidder.

After suffering many injuries and becoming disillusioned with the mercenary life, Tukathe returned to Raukath. There, he met Mairz Scortan, a well-respected Turron miner with connections to the powerful Dabhiz Association. Scortan took Tukathe under his wing, and soon, Tukathe was working as a miner.

In a matter of months, Tukathe became a member of the Association, and Scortan took him on as an advisor. Their relationship bloomed, until they became firm friends and pillars of their community.

Serban Tukathe

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