Senton Arguss

Influential member of the Dabhiz Association


Senton Arguss is an elderly turron, a miner and a high-ranking member of the Dabhiz Association. He is a quiet and easy-going man, with a warm smile and a keen eye for a bargain.

He has white hair and blue eyes.


Senton was born in Raukath, and took an interest in business from an early age. He wished to go into retail, but his father pressured him into the mining business. Whilst mining in Gredi’s Fegedahn mountains, Senton met Mairz Scortan.

Mairz would later go on to become community leader in Raukath, as well as head of the Dabhiz Association. Mairz bought Senton onboard with him, and Senton worked his way up the ranks to become one of the most influential men in the Association.

Through his work with the Dabhiz Association, Deem has met the miners Deem Pargan and Anul Sinnadon, who he has since become firm friends with.

Senton Arguss

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