Seeley Cartheisen

Youngest of the Cartheisen brothers


Seeley Cartheisen is the youngest of the Cartheisen brothers. The last son of the famous Gawain Cartheisen, Seeley is tall and very skinny with floppy black hair, a neat beard and a prominent nose.

Seeley is a quiet, kindly man, who does not believe in pushing a sale. As such, he is well-liked in the town of Paskau, where he is based.


Seeley was born and raised in Marsheusis. When his father died, his brother Kahl educated him in the ways of business.

Seeley set out on his own at the age of nineteen, setting up a stall in the port of Keydon. His business flourished, but as he grew older, he became more ambitious, and moved to the prosperous mining town of Paskau, where he has since become a popular figure in the community.

Seeley Cartheisen

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