Saatan Thel

Head of the Shazhekt assassin's guild


Saatan Thel is the charismatic head of the Shazhekt assassin’s guild. A confident and diplomatic man, Saatan has considerable persuasive powers.

He is a relatively short human, with mischievous brown eyes and short black hair with white patches at his temples. He wears a neat beard, and often a crooked half-smile.


Saatan was born to wealthy parents in the capital city of Marsheusis. He excelled in school, showing particular aptitude in archery. His skills were noticed by the assassin Laike Yuvis, who offered the young man work.

Despite his reservations, Saatan joined the Shazhekt Guild, and soon became one of its most respected members. When council member Paross Mushene died, Saatan was elected to take his place.

Saatan continued to gain friends and influence, becoming the head of the guild. Since then, he has ordered many assassinations, from the lowest beggar to the highest politician.

Saatan Thel

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