Roth Larcen

Chief smith at Fort Pelamence


Roth Larcen is the chief smith at the military outpost of Fort Pelamence in Spirilidon. A gruff and impatient man, Larcen is one of the few people in the Fort who will stand up to Commander Hob Bosskins.

Larcen is an aging human with long grey hair and a thick beard. He has large muscles from many years working bellow and anvil.


Larcen was born in Shedhmi, and though he was not the most intelligent child, he quickly developed great strength. He helped his father, a lumberjack, until the town’s smith and chandler noticed the boy’s power. He hired him as an apprentice, and within a year, Larcen was a full-time smith.

Some years later, a party of soldiers passed through Shedhmi, and left their armour with Larcen to be repaired. So impressed were they by his skill, they asked him to accompany them back to the capital. Larcen accepted, and was soon an official member of the King’s military.

Larcen stayed in Marsheusis for many years, until Commander Hob Bosskins personally requested he transfer from the capital to Fort Pelamence. Larcen accepted and has worked at the Fort ever since.

Roth Larcen

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