Faithful servant of Harlen


Roshthma was a living scarecrow, the servant of Harlen, the Guardian of the Orb of Ghandala. The creature was tall and gaunt with a carved pumpkin for a head.

Roshthma was able to stay in one position for weeks at a time, without sustenance or rest. He was fiercely loyal to Harlen, giving his life for the beast.


How Roshthma came to live is unknown, but it is suspected that some magic, from Harlen or otherwise, brought an ordinary scarecrow to life.

Harlen entrusted Roshthma with the Orb of Ghandala, and the scarecrow kept the Orb safe until he was killed by Edward Grey, Kazdan Zell, Alyaa Maxis, Zoltan Kaufmann and Lilith Lostre.


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