Leader of the Bethelgane bandits


Ridley is the vicious yet charismatic leader of the Bethelgane bandits. He is a tall, well-built man with a thick beard and long black hair which is going to grey.

Deeply insecure on the inside, Ridley presents a persona of utmost confidence. Those he cannot win over with words he will intimidate or harm. He is a misogynist, a serial rapist and a murderer who nonetheless inspires fanatical loyalty from those who follow him.


Ridley was born to pauper parents in the city of Bethelgane, and was orphaned by the age of six. He lived on the streets for many years, looked down on and despised by the residents of Bethelgane.

When the city was destroyed by Fyrsobarthian forces, Ridley was one of the few survivors. Used to living on the streets and foraging for food, he prospered in this new environment. Soon, he began to take in lost and desperate souls, and had soon gathered about him a large group of people.

This group eventually became known as the Bethelgane bandits.


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