Ralther Fordoak

Grand Vizier to the King


Ralther Fordoak is a member of the Royal Court of Yokurgin, and the King’s Grand Vizier. He is a quiet yet confident man who has a way with words and a vast knowledge of the human mind.

He is a tall human with lank black hair and piercing blue eyes.


Fordoak is a mysterious and enigmatic figure. His exact age and where he is from is unknown, though it is believed he was born overseas. After King Perecuse died, his Grand Vizier, Inse Lachem was instrumental in the appointment of a new monarch. Just before the King’s coronation, however, Lachem was found dead.

Fordoak made himself known to the King, and soon became his trusted advisor. Within a year, he had been appointed Grand Vizier, and since then, has continued to aid the King in all of his business.

Ralther Fordoak

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