Pere Cromwell

Tools and weapons merchant


Pere Cromwell is the stern, elderly owner of Cromwell’s General Store in the port of Shedhmi. He is known in the community as a no-nonsense man who will almost never offer a discount. He dislikes many people in Shedhmi, notably the garland tailor Aluis Saris.

Cromwell is a very tall man, well over 7’, with thinning white hair and angular features.


Pere Cromwell was born in Quarnse in the province of Spirilidon. The son of a rancher, he soon realised that he was more suited to retail.

As a young man, he opened a feed stall in Quarnse, and when the business became boring, moved to Shedhmi in Hagoph, where he opened his general store. He made vast profit, until Fyrsobarthe’s attack on Narshair. Since then, Shedhmi has become a desolate, impoverished place. This has done little to improve Cromwell’s disposition, and he is still unlikely to offer any customer a discount on his wares.

Pere Cromwell

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