Partario Thorne

Unfortunate son of Faron and Rhylla


Partario Thorne is the son of Faron and Rhylla. He is a youth of ten with messy brown hair.

Partario has some sort of mental deficiency, and as a result, has not spoken a word in his entire life. He spends much of his time in his family’s pub, The Green Man, and his blank stare can sometimes unnerve customers.


Partario was born a few short years before Fyrsobarthe launched their war on Yokurgin. Though his parents at first thought he was just a slow learner, it became clear that the boy had mental problems.

Faron at first tried to teach Partario himself, but when it became evident that this course of action was fruitless, he turned to one of Fedelha’s Daerist monks, paying the man more than he could really afford to tutor Partario privately.

Finally, Faron elected to send his wife and son to the capital city of Marsheusis, where he hoped Rhylla could find special help for the boy.

Partario Thorne

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