Onanaeus Ilindrain

Prisoner of Kane


Onanaeus Ilindrain was a young human male of twenty-seven. He had tanned skin and long brown hair, and was considered very attractive.

He was a kind yet shy man, with an artistic spirit.


Onanaeus was born in the port of Nasquah, where his father tried to encourage him to become a sailor. Uninterested, Onanaeus practised painting every moment he could, a hobby his mother encouraged.

When he came of age, Onanaeus decided to travel the country, painting what he saw. As he traversed the Ghotenda, he was abducted by the vampire Kane and imprisoned in Kendraghora Abbey.

Kane fed off Onanaeus for a number of months, until the party led by Edward Grey slew the vampire and rescued Onanaeus. Despite this, the young man succumbed to his wounds, and died the night he left the abbey.

Onanaeus Ilindrain

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