Oldun Drakkanus

Berserker protector of Madame Grause


Oldun Drakkanus is a huge, hardy berserker, and the personal protector of Madame Grause, the renowned witch. He is very broad and stands at almost seven feet tall, with long hair and a bushy beard, both going to grey.

He has a boisterous laugh and a racy sense of humour, but can be very vicious if Madame Grause is threatened.


Oldun was born in Grause Forest, and raised in equal part by his parents and Madame Grause. When the witch saw how strong the boy was growing, she conditioned him to be her protector.

The berserker is fiercely loyal, and will protect Madame Grause with his very life. Once per day, he carries her cauldron five miles to The Crossroads, where she sells pumpkin soup, and five miles back to Grause Forest. He also helps her pick the fruit from the Fields of Harlen.

Oldun Drakkanus

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