Vicious Bethelgane bandit


Oele is a member of the group known as the Bethelgane bandits. A huge, hulking man with a bald head and greasy skin, Oele has no tongue and large, filthy teeth.

Oele used to be a bold, bawdy man with a filthy sense of humour. Since he joined the bandits, however, he has been rendered mute, and has become much more vicious and corrupt.


Oele was born in the port of Belotesquah. His father, a woodcutter, was killed when he was only a baby. His mother was frail and sickly, so Oele was raised mainly by his uncle.

Insecure about his wait, Oele took to telling jokes, and soon became a popular prankster in the town. After a jape went wrong and several livestock were killed, however, Oele fled.

He arrived in Bethelgane mere months before it was destroyed. He survived the attack, and was later intercepted by Ridley. Ridley saw potential in the man, but hated his jokes. He ripped Oele’s tongue out, and proceeded to torture and manipualte him into a crazed, cannibalistic thug.


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