Noelle Lavene

Daughter of Jarott and Sia


Noelle Lavene is the daughter of Sia and Jarott, the owners of the Gethahl Point Inn in Belotesquah. A quiet girl who seems troubled to some, she knows of her mother’s extramarital proclivities, but dare not say anything to her father.

Noelle is a pale, beautiful girl with dark brown hair and bright green eyes.


Noelle was born in the bedroom of the Gethahl Point Inn, the establishment owned by her parents. Her father doted on her constantly, a fact which changed little as she grew older. Noelle’s shy ways saw he attract little attention in school, though her looks often saw boys make fruitless attempts at conversation with her.

One night, Noelle spied her mother with another man. Though she was devastated, she was afraid to tell her father. Since then, she has noticed Sia flirt with many men while her father remains oblivious, a fact which weighs constantly on the young woman.

Noelle Lavene

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