Guardian of the Orb of Judmipar


Namaman is a former King of Yokurgin, and later Guardian of the Orb of Judmipar. In life, he was a tall, handsome man with long silver hair and pale blue eyes. As a Guardian, he was a dessicated mummy.

Though he was regarded as a benevolent and wise ruler in life, in death Namaman was as brutal and single-minded as any Guardian.


Namaman was born in Kalegren in the year 816. An confident and intellectual boy, he became known in the city, and was taken on as a councillor to the King in 831.

When the King died heirless in 845, his Court voted Namaman as his successor. Namaman ruled for thirty-three good years, until he took ill and died. He was interred in the Pyramid of Kahbekha.

Recently, Namaman was reanimated as a living mummy and tasked with guarding the Orb of Judmipar, which he did until he was slain by Kazdan Zell and Lilith Lostre.


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