Murtogh Muggrah

Surly Kagen farmer


Murtogh Muggrah is a human farmer who lives on the outskirts of Kagen. His land stretches almost to the forest of Phaelin.

Muggrah is a gruff and suspicious man who lives alone and rarely visits the town. Even so, he sometimes allows travellers into his home, where he may feed them and offer them a place to stay.

He is a skinny, elderly man with long grey hair and a very lined face. He is seldom seen without a cigarette in his mouth.


Muggrah was born in Kagen to peasant farmers. He helped his parents raise tann, and eventually, the family earned enough money to buy land. Slowly, their homestead grew, until much of the lant west of Kagen belonged to the Muggrah family.

After his parents died Muggrah married Sybil Gethin, and they later had a son,Vas. Sybil later died of the disease known as thangar, and when the war with Fyrsobarthe broke out, Vas joined the King’s military.

Muggrah became withdrawn and surly, staying mostly on his own farm and venturing into Kagen only when absolutely necessary.

Murtogh Muggrah

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