Mother Bella

Kindly matriarch of Fedelha


Mother Bella is the unofficial leader of the Gredi mountain town of Fedelha. A wise and enigmatic woman, she offers sage advice to all townsfolk who seek it, and is eager to meet travellers to the town.

Mother Bella is a shrunken elderly woman whose true age is unknown. She has curly white hair and playful blue eyes.


Mother Bella’s exact age is unknown, but to the residents of Fedelha, it feels like she has been in the village forever. Seldom leaving her cottage on the hill, Mother Bella often invites residents of the town to dine with her.

Mother Bella possesses knowledge that she should have no reason of knowing. Some believe she uses magicks to gain this knowledge. The town having a large Daerist population lends credence to this theory.

Though Fedelha has no leader to speak of, many townsfolk heed Mother Bella’s advice, and she is widely accepted as the matriarch of the town.

Mother Bella

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