Mazyr Arcanth

Hedonistic Saalist priest


Mazyr Arcanth is an ordained priest of Saalism based in the Otenheim district of Marsheusis. He is an arrogant and outgoing man, who has a voracious appetite and a somewhat hedonistic outlook on life.

Mazyr is tall and tanned with long white hair.


Mazyr was raised in a small Saalist community just outside of Marsheusis. Encouraged to love The Great Saal and spread his message from an early age, he became a priest of Saalism at just nineteen.

Two years later, he moved to Marsheusis, becoming a member of the church there. When the head priest died, Mazyr took his place, and has since spent his time feasting, loving, and encouraging others to embrace The Great Saal and his teachings.

Mazyr Arcanth

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