Marshall Streathann Dieszeus

Dutiful Marsheusis soldier


Marshall Streathann Dieszeus is a well-respected member of the King’s military. Based in Marsheusis, he travels the country on various errands.

Streathann is a kind and patient man, who has great respect for all soldiers. Unlike many members of the miitary, he has no particular hate towards Fyrsobarthe, knowing that both sides of the war have good men.

He is a handsome, well-built man with messy dirty blonde hair.


Streathann was born in Marsheusis to Saalist parents. Raised with their beliefs, he travelled the country, sleeping with many women. When he was caught by a particularly protective father, he was given two choices; death, or joining the military. Streathann opted for the latter.

He excelled in training, and was made Captain in no time. He spent a short spell at Fort Pelamence, before relocating to the capital. He soon ascended to the rank of Marshall, and elected to spend much of his time travelling, spreading information and gathering recruits.

During his time in Marsheusis, Streathann befriended the alchemist Galian Sial. When Sial became wanted for crimes including murder, Streathann made it his mission to find his friend and find the reasons behind his misdemeanours.

Marshall Streathann Dieszeus

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