Marshall Mara Deepgrey

Brave Marsheusis soldier


Marshall Mara Deepgrey is a fearless soldier in the Royal Military of Yokurgin. She is a stern yet caring woman, who respects her peers as long as they respect her. As one of the few women in the King’s military, she feels compelled to prove her worth, often risking her life where others will not.

Mara is a tall, willowy woman with short black hair and piercing grey eyes.


Mara was born in the Hagoph town of Kagen. Her father was an abusive alcoholic, who forced her older brothers to work on his farm day and night. Her mother, a sickly, weak-willed woman, did what she could to protect Mara, but one day, her husband beat her too severely, and she was left brain damaged. That night, Mara’s oldest brother Kevaal smothered his mother with a pillow.

Kevaal later killed his father when the brute drunkenly attacked him. Knowing they would lose the farm, he fled with Mara and his younger brother Renis. The three youngsters eventually reached Fedelha, where they found work on a farm.

When a contingent of soldiers rode through Fedelha, Kevaal begged them to take him and his siblings. Though scornful of Mara, the soldiers allowed the trio to accompany them to Fort Pelamence. There, Mara trained alongside the male recruits, quickly proving her abilities. After she broke a young recruits arm after he tried to rape her, she was accepted into the King’s military.

Mara quickly worked her way up the ranks. When she attained the rank of Marshall, she moved to Marsheusis, where Lieutenant Wytz Arnaud welcomed her. Since then, the two have become firm friends, and the Lieutenant considers Mara to be one of his most valuable soldiers.

Marshall Mara Deepgrey

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